Protein processed cheese

round box 140g

A new protein version of processed cheese! High-protein processed cheese is aimed at all cheese lovers, regardless of age.

Processed cheese in a 140 g disc contains as much as 25 g of protein in a practical packaging. It is a tasty and nutritious snack in 8 optimal portions for single consumption for athletes and every busy person.

Processed cheese

Slices 130G, rectangle cake 100g, bar 90G, round box 140g

A rich assortment of processed cheese of high quality and a long manufacturing tradition. Our cheese does not contain any preservatives or gluten. They are GMO free and contain a significant amount of calcium.

The high quality of the offered products means that our cheese spreads perfectly on the sandwich and can serve as a base for preparing many dishes.

Cheese fried

Cups 170g , blocks 2 kg

Fried cheeses are known as regional products, both in Silesia and in the Wielkopolska region, where the tradition of their production goes back to several generations. They do not contain preservatives. They are a source of protein. Produced from Polish milk, free from GMO.

Processed product

Rectangle cake 100G, Round box 140g, sausages 100g

Processed products are alternative products for processed cheese. Perfect for people who value economic shopping. They do not contain any preservatives, they are free of gluten and GMO.

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