Round box 140g

A new protein version of processed cheese! Two delicious flavors in one package!

The combination of delicate, mild Gouda and warming chili pepper is cooled by aromatic basil. High-protein processed cheese is aimed at all cheese lovers, regardless of age. Processed cheese in a 140 g disc contains as much as 25 g of protein in a practical packaging. It is a tasty and nutritious snack in 8 optimal portions for single consumption for athletes and every busy person.

no preservatives

perfect for a sandwich

Logistic data and nutritional values

  • package: round box 140 g
  • multipack: display 2,24 kg (16 x 0,14 kg)
  • boxes / displays per pallet:  160
  • net weight of pallet: 358,40 kg
  • best before: 180 days
  • storage temperature: od +2oC do +10oC
  • CN: 040 630 31
  • VAT: 5%

    Nutritional Value per 100g

    Calories 1021 kJ/246 kcal
    Fat 18 g (of which saturates  11 g)
    Carbohydrates 2,9 g (of which sugar 2,9 g)
    Protein 18,0 g
    Salt 2,0 g

    Gouda / Chili with basil

    EAN: 5900746011313

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